Drinking Dan's Dry

Drinking Dan’s Dry


Regular readers of Beer Is Your Friend will know that I’m a sucker for a gimmick, that I find it hard to walk past a novelty.

Which is a large part of the reason I bought a gift pack that features one-litre can of Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier and a glass stein big enough to fit that one litre of beer. Another part of the reason is that it was at Dan Murphy’s and I hadn’t had this beer yet, so it formed part of the Drinking Dan’s Dry challenge.

It was an unfortunate purchase on several levels. Firstly, I have absolutely no use for a stein that holds one litre of beer. I’m no longer a young and stupid man who thinks abnormally-sized beer glasses are a genius idea. Now I’m an old man who doesn’t expect to ever feel the need to drink a litre of beer from a single vessel – not even on New Year’s Eve (where I reckon I’ll be in bed by 10pm anyway).

But now I’m stuck with a frigging huge glass collecting dust.

The other reason it’s an unfortunate purchase? Oktoberfest beers taste crap. Yep, I said it. Aside from the Erdinger Oktoberfest effort, they’re all pretty ordinary – can’t understand why anyone would want to drink a litre of them. Unless they were already shitfaced. I feel I can speak with some authority on this because until recently I was going to run a week of Oktoberfest reviews in December and call it Decemberfest (hey, if the Germans can have a festival that starts in September but is called Oktoberfest, I should be allowed to be fast and loose with timing too).

But I opted not to run it. Partially because I realised it was actually a stupid idea. But also because I discovered that Oktoberfest marzen beers all taste the same. And that taste is summed up as ‘‘blaaah’’.

Which, of course, meant, in the case of this Paulaner beer I had a whole frigging litre of ‘‘blaaah’’ to drink. To be honest, the drain got more of it than I did. And I’m not too sure it was happy about it either.

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