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A long way to go for craft beer


Recently I’d been thinking craft beer was making headway in Australia. Sail & Anchor, the Woolies-owned brewery, releases an imperial stout earlier this year, followed by a barleywine for Christmas. Dan Murphy’s starts to stock beers from Birra del Borgo from Italy, Rogue in the United States and Japan’s Baird Brewing.

But then I stumble across this page on Facebook. It’s a link to a campaign someone in Australia has set up on Facebook. The campaign is to push for the release of Coors Light in Australia. Note, we’re not talking the standard Coors beer, but the even weaker, duller blander light version (note: I haven’t tried either version of Coors but, based on my experience with other mainstream US beers I feel pretty confident that the flavour will be extremely underwhelming).

It looks like this person will get their wish – Coca-Cola is about to enter the beer market here and I understand the Coors beers are one brand they’re bringing in. I’ll definitely be buying some when it arrives, if only to confirm that it’s not very good. And to score a unique check-in on Untappd of course.

I don’t know why this campaign was created in the first place (unless of course it was someone in Coca-Cola playing the long game and trying to drum up support for Coors Light a year before it was released here). I mean, we’ve already got plenty of our own ordinary lager-style beers that don’t really taste of anything. Why would we need to import some from another country?

Also, with so many good beers available right too, why look past them and yearn for the importation of an ordinary beer?

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  1. Make your own Facebook campaign to get more craft beers 🙂 Unfortunately, the masses still like to drink the plain old tasteless beers. Up to you to spread the word on ‘real beers’ 😉

  2. Oh my god…. They sent some of that stuff off to be tested it. It came back as this horse is cleared to race today. You should start your own campaign for something far more delicious. I’m sad for you, and the near beer coming to a supermarket near you. 😦

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