Book review

A book backlog


As well as beer, I’m a big book lover – have been since I was a kid.

Now that I’m adult, my disposable income is largely split between beer and books. In both cases, I tend to buy more than I strictly need. Which is why my ‘‘to read’’ shelves (where the books I have yet to read live) are overstocked.
So overstocked that there are three separate rooms at home with ‘‘to read’’ shelves.

Seeing as how I also like beer, it makes sense that I’d be buying books about beer as well. But, what I don’t seem to be doing is reading them. What you see in this photo is the beer section of my ‘‘to read’’ shelves. Yes, I’m so organised that I categorise books I haven’t even read yet (by the way, despite what it looks like in the photo, the shelf isn’t on a slant. That’s just my crappy photography skills in action).

By my count there are 16 books in that photo, which doesn’t include the few on the next shelf. Or the others that I bought on my Kindle. Or, ahem, the other three books I’ve ordered online and am awaiting delivery of.

So I figure I should actually start reading some of these. Especially given that I reckon some of them have been there for close to a year. So the aim is to read at least two of these a month. Or just one if trying to get through two feels like too much of an effort.

The first book off the shelf is IPA by Stone’s Mitch Steele. It would have been The Complete Beer Course but that book’s too big for someone like me who does most of their reading at work during their lunch break. I’m at home next week so I’ll be reading it then from the comfort of my lounge.
Which means I’ve only got a couple of days to knock over Steele’s book. Best get reading.

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