Drinking Dan's Dry

Drinking Dan’s Dry


Oh, Dan Murphy’s, you are impressing me more and more.

Don’t get me wrong. I always liked you. Hell, when you decided to set up shop a short drive from my place I was genuinely excited. I even checked the place out on the day it opened.

I’m not like some other beer geeks who think you’re Satan dressed up in lipstick and a pretty dress. I actually like you. And I like giving you my money and getting beer in return. I liked you a whole lot more when you started stocking a few Rogue beers. Rogue! I never thought you would have had it in you.

Then, you go and surprise me even more by bringing in a range of beers from Birra del Borgo. Now, while Rogue was an impressive addition, the brewery has been well-known for quite a while. But the Italian Birra del Borgo is relatively new on the ‘‘cool beers’’ scene. So to get several of them on the shelves – Cortigiana, Duchessa and ReAle – shows you’re a bit more on the pulse of what’s good internationally.

I picked up the Cortigiana and may I just congratulate you on an excellent choice in stocking this one. By God, it’s a wonderful beer. It’s such a perfect beer for summer with its lovely and light tropical fruit aroma and delicate fruit flavours with a hint of spice.

Even though you’re charging $12.99 a bottle for this, I think I’m going to have to buy some more. Jeez, it’s bloody awesome.

NOTE: Drinking Dan’s Dry is one man’s effort to drink one of every beer at his local Dan Murphy’s. It’s still very much a work in progress as this one man has found there are quite a few beers he hasn’t tried. Certainly more than he expected when he started this foolish but fun project.

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  1. Dan’s have certainly struck a few deals. It really was a surprise for me to see these as well as Oakham (UK), Baird (Japan) and Bridgeport (US) in my local Dan’s.

      • Dan’s and the others cannot afford to ignore the numbers, craft beer sales are increasing year on year while the overall beer market is in decline – it’s time for them to start cashing in! Try the ReAle, I loved it!

  2. I like you am an avid Dan Murphy’s follower, but I’m not sure that these are a good thing.

    It seems that Dan’s simply get some stock of whatever has recently been imported and throw it in their stores. And because of the usually clientele of their stores, it sits around on shelves not being bought (other than by you and me) and then tends to go stale because of poor storage and abundance of light.

    These seem very much like a once off to me, and the only reason Rogue’s beers are still in store is because nobody has been buying them. My local Dan’s has only just run out of Mountain Goat Fancy Pants, a beer that was released in the first few months of the year.

    I really like Dan Murphy’s, but I like them because they’re convenient, have a good rand and they’re cheap. But these once offs that just sit on shelves are not so good.

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