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James and Fraser


It’s funny, I’d always felt that the label of Aldi’s Fraser Briggs was a straight-out copy of James Boag’s premium lager. But, as you can see from the picture above, they’re not really that similar – aside from the black background and the waterfall on both labels (and the fact that both beers are named after a person I have no knowledge of) they’re not close to being identical.

And yet I still think of Briggs as a Boag’s copy. Except when it comes to flavour; I like the Briggs a lot more. But I wonder if that’s because of a brewing fault. You see, the thing I like about the Aldi premium lager is the fact that it has a slight banana flavour. It reminds me of a hefeweizen, and I have a soft spot for a hefeweizen.

Now I’m pretty sure that a lager isn’t supposed to taste anything like banana so I’m not sure why this one does. Surely they wouldn’t have brewed it with a hefeweizen yeast – that would just be weird. So this beer is quite a mystery to me. I got sent a six-pack of it and I’ll enjoy drinking all of it. I just won’t understand what’s going on with it.

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  1. I’ve smelled banana esters coming off a fast (warm) lager yeast propagation, so perhaps they ferment this too quickly. Does it always taste like banana?

  2. Hmmm…I reckon there is a few more similarities to Boags than the couple you’ve mentioned here: white writing with an all too similar font on a red background and lined with gold and black labels, both on the bottle body and neck; that the bottles are very similar shapes, and green; the main labels are on a very similar shape; black caps; that they both use the words ‘premium lager’…
    I think I’ll try another of each, and hope my writing ends up like Homer’s one and only love letter to Marge…
    C’Mon – you know the one…

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