Wollongong Beer Alert!


Finally my near-obsession with beer hunting in mainstream bottle shops has paid off.

For the last two years, any time I passed by a mainstream bottlo like Liquorland, BWS, Mac’s Liquor and any other place prone to stocking endless amounts of lager, I’d stop in to see what was in the fridge. It was so often pointless because all they tended to have was that great wall of lager in the beer fridges. And yet I still would go into the next one, despite having been disappointed at the last one. As well as almost every one before that.

Until I found myself at a shopping mall in Narellan, near Campbelltown on Wednesday. I spied a BWS and thought I’d look in, expecting to see another big wall of lager (with a small wall of cider next to it). But in that fridge I spied the Hoppy Summer Ale from Nail Brewing in Western Australia. This is a beer I had seen nowhere before. A beer that, as far as I knew had never been stocked on the east coast.

To put it mildly, I was gobsmacked. Clearly BWS is moving up in the world. That night I found BWS was stocking that Nail beer across the east coast. So yesterday I went to see if my local store had it. They did – and they had Beechworth Pale Ale from Bridge Road Brewers. Which was unfathomably great news. This is one of my favourite beers ever and I’d never seen it stocked in Wollongong – and never expected to either. And yet there it was in the beer fridge of a mainstream bottle shop.

Yes, the times they are definitely changing. And for the better too.

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  1. Picked up a sixer of the Beechy on monday at Dans. It will become my regular. PS I hope you bought your daughter something nice after dragging her into Dans on Monday 🙂

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