Monteith’s gets better


Regular readers will no doubt be aware of my general  dislike for the work of New Zealand brewer Monteith’s.

Basically, I discovered Monteith’s during a trip to New Zealand way back in 2003. Compared to the mainstream beers I drank, these beers were a revelation. But very soon after I started my beer journey I found them wanting, found them pretty ordinary compared to other craft beers.

So it’s worth giving some credit where credit is due – they’ve gone and made a beer I like. Yep, as hard as you may find that to believe, they have. It’s one of the latest additions to the Brewers Series – a double-hopped IPA. Sure, the name is a bit dodgy – every IPA would at least be double-hopped (given that it means adding hops more than once).

But that aside, it does what is says on the box. For the record, the box (well, label, actually) says it’s 65 IBU and is ‘‘a bold IPA, with concentrated malt flavours and sweetness’’. And that’s pretty much exactly what it is (though geeks may quibble about the use of the adjective ‘‘bold’’).

It’s not stupidly hopped, and nor is it meant to be. Monteith’s don’t do that sort of thing. Instead, what they have done is made a beer I think I’d be happy to drink again.

I’d definitely be happy to drink it again if there was some decent aroma. Despite the claimed use of Cascade hops, I didn’t get much aroma at all. Other than that, this is a beer I’d definitely recommend.

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