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Drinking Dan’s Dry and Wollongong Beer Alert!


Because I’m a little bit obsessed, I regularly scroll the the craft beer list on the Dan Murphy’s website, to see if there’s anything new.

About a month ago I was very surprised to see the list included a beer from Rogue – Dad’s Little Helper black IPA. I wasn’t surprised to see the beer wasn’t available at my local Dan’s (a cool feature of the website is you can set it to your local shop and it’ll tell you whether a particular beer is in stock).

Many a time have I seen beers I’d love to buy – Bridge Road’s beers spring to mind – only to see the word ‘‘unavailable’’ in the ‘‘find in store’’ category.

I was back to being surprised last weekend when I tooled around the site and saw the word ‘‘available’’ under the Rogue beer. I got really excited and also amazed – the idea of a Rogue beer being available at Dan Murphy’s just seems to odd to comprehend. Not that Dan’s doesn’t stock some good beer, but Rogue is a bit of an iconic craft brewer in the US. Also, I didn’t figure they brewed enough beer to satisfy the presumably large order Uncle Dan would have placed.

I had to wait 24 hours before I could get to my local Dan’s – during which time I was sure they’d all sell out and I’d miss out.
But no, when I got there the beers hadn’t even been put on the shelves yet. I find that’s a common occurrence. I check the beer list virtually every day so, when I see a listing tick over to ‘‘available’’ I get there within 24 hours. That’s faster than they can get the new beer on the shelves.

I did however, suggest to the beer section worker that it would be a very good idea to put that beer on the shelves because perusing beer geeks like me would snap it up.

Some of those perusing beer geeks like me might not think it’s much chop though. As a black IPA, it sits smack in between the ‘‘black’’ and the ‘‘IPA’’ descriptors. ‘‘Coffee’’ and ‘‘bitterness’’ were the two adjectives that sprang to mind when I had my first glass. ‘‘I’m glad I didn’t buy two bottles’’ was what sprang to mind as I drank the second glass from the 650ml bottle.

Funnily enough, I’m still excited that a Rogue beer was in stock at my local Dan Murphy’s.

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  1. “Because I’m a little bit obsessed, I regularly scroll the the craft beer list on the Dan Murphy’s website, to see if there’s anything new.”

    I thought I was the only one! I just wish they had an option to ‘sort by newest’. I suggested this to them via their website and they said it was a good idea, but nothing ever came of it.

    I agree that it was kind of strange to see this beer at Dan’s. I’d really like to have a chat with whoever it is that does the purchasing for them, because they have extremely strange tastes and ideas. They stock things like Crown Ambassador and apparently at one point BrewDog’s Tactical Nuclear Penguin, but they seem to deliberately avoid the more pricey options from brewers such as Murray’s and Red Hill, even though they stock some other beers from them.

    In this case, I have a suspicion that they got the Rogue beer by way of a printing error. The bottle I got has really blurred printing, so perhaps whoever imported it decided to let it go cheaply and Dan’s snapped it up.

    • I like the “sort by newest” idea. Right now, the only way I’ve got to work out if new beers have been added to the “craft beer” section is by looking at the total number of pages. Think it’s 13 at the moment.
      As for the Rogue beer, I reckon that Dan’s bought it for Father’s Day – it is called Dad’s Little Helper, after all. Hopefully, now that Dan’s has made the connection with Rogue, a few more beers might be forthcoming.

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