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Drinking Dan’s Dry


Okay, so it didn’t take too long to discover a hiccup in my Drinking Dan’s Dry* quest. That came in the form of the Grand Ridge gift pack. There are a few beers in this pack that are not sold as singles, which means I had to buy the whole pack to get at those one or two beers. Well, actually, I do get a bit more value out of the gift pack than that because there are five beers I’ve never had here before.

Rather than bore you by going through all of them, lets just opt for three. Most of which surprised me. See, I’ve tended to avoid Grand Ridge, largely because I hate their label. Not the wisest way to make beer selections, I grant you, but there you go. So I wasn’t really expecting to like any of them – but oh how wrong I was.

The Gippsland Gold Pale Ale is a very, nice refreshing drop. It offers some nice bitterness and a bit of hoppy attitude, but nothing that gets in the way – if you know what I mean. It’s definitely a great sessional beer and one I’ll likely come back to, as long as I don’t have to buy another gift pack to get a bottle.

The Draught Bitter was pleasing too, even though it comes in a bottle and quite obviously isn’t “draught” at all. And despite the company’s apparent style confusions – the front label calls it a bitter, the rear a lager. I opt for bitter because it’s got a nice, gentle nutty flavour that doesn’t really belong in a lager. You handed me one of these when I was visiting your place, I’d happily drink it.

Almighty Light which, as the name suggests, is a light beer. At 2.7 per cent it’s not a great beer, but really, not too many low-alcohol beers are. It’s a lager with an odd buttery flavour that I’m not planning to drink again.

* Drinking Dan’s Dry is my attempt to drink one of every single beer sold at my local Dan Murphy’s. Why? Well, because it would make me try the beers I haven’t had yet and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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