Imperial IPA bread!


Here’s a bonus post for IPA Week, in which I make Imperial IPA bread. A few weeks ago, I stopped in at The Reject Shop and found Larry the Cable Guy’s Beer Bread. Near as I can tell, Larry is a redneck comedian in the US who has his own line of foodstuffs.

The bee bread is a ready-made mixture to which you add the beer of your choice, mix it up and then put it in the oven. I had a few bottles of undercarbed Bling Bling Imperial IPA sitting around at home so I figured this was a great use for them. Plus, I was curious to see how the bread would taste with such a strong beer, especially considering most people would use a mainstream lager.

The result was that it tasted disappointing. I couldn’t for the life of me taste the slightest bit of the Bling Bling in the bread – and that was a huge surprise given that the beer weighs in at about eight per cent. I was sure that the Bridge Road beer would add some very distinct flavours, but no. That’s in no way the fault of the beer – I blame the product for implying that the beer is a crucial ingredient. It’s not; I could have made this with any other beer – or even water – and the result would likely be the same. A very disappointing, flavourless lump of bread.

So if you see this product on the shelf at a Reject Shop near you, don’t bother picking it up.

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  1. Haven’t been into the reject shop for years, might be worth a look for beer related products though. Have you tried to re prime the bling bling? I’ve heard a few people did this with varying success

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