The Sessions #78 Your Elevator Pitch for Beer

On the first Friday of every month beer bloggers around the world join together for The Sessions ( which are also known as Beer Blogging Friday). There’s no entry fees or membership required, we all just write a blog entry on a pre-determined topic each month.session-logo-sm

This month’s session is hosted by fellow Australian James over at BeerBarBand. He’s chosen a topic that he calls “Your elevator pitch for beer”. Here’s how James explains it all.

“You walk into an elevator and hit the button for your destination level. Already in the elevator is someone holding a beer…and it’s a beer that annoys you because, in your view, it represents all that is bad with the current state of beer.

“You can’t help but say something, so you confront your lift passenger with the reason why their beer choice is bad.

“Thirty seconds is all you have to sell your pitch for better beer, before the lift reaches the destination floor. There’s no time, space or words to waste. You must capture and persuade the person’s attention as quickly as possible. When that person walks out of the elevator, you want them to be convinced that you have the right angle on how to make a better beer world.”

Okay, so here are my 250 words. And by the way, none of the above count towards my word limit.

Sorry, but I can’t help noticing something – you’re drinking beer in an elevator. I also can’t help noticing you’re drinking an ordinary beer. A beer that is to the world of beer what Kraft Singles is to the world of cheese. No-one eats Kraft Singles because they like the taste, they eat them because they’re either three years old or don’t know any better. If they did know better, they’d be eating Swiss, edam or any of a hundred other cheeses, each with a different taste. Even blue vein cheese, which I personally find disgusting.

It’s the same with that beer you’re holding. Forgive me for saying so but it’s proof you don’t know any better. See, like the cheese analogy I just used, your beer represents a small – and bland – part of the world of beer. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of beers that taste better than that one you’re holding.

Sure some of those beers you’ll find are the equivalent of blue vein cheese. But others you’ll find will taste fantastic. How do you find them? Just give something different a crack. Next time you’re at the bottle shop, pick up some of that Kraft Singles lager you’re drinking but grab a bottle of something you’ve never had before. You might not like it but on the other hand, you might love it.

I envy you – you’ve got a world of amazing beers to explore. Oh, this is my floor, see you later.

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