IPA Week – Day Three


When I wrote yesterday about my preference for the sessionable IPAs of Australia, the Vale IPA was one of the ones I had in mind. Which will invite scorn from some beer geeks because the McLaren Vale Beer Company isn’t seen as true “craft beer” by them. In the recent Hottest 100 beers of the year, some got their noses out of joint about the Vale IPA’s top 10 finish.


I can’t for the life of me understand why, unless they’re never actually tasted it. Because it’s a wonderful beer. It features hops from three different countries – it doesn’t say which ones but I think it’s safe to assume it’s Australia, New Zealand the United States – and those hops throw off a pleasing toffee aroma with a resiny undercurrent.

Flavour wise, that’s what you get – an absurdly nicely balanced mix of toffee and resin with yummy passionfruit and cirtrus characteristics. And at 5.5 per cent you could pretty much polish off the whole four-pack in one sitting and not be under the table.

Really, how could you not love this beer?

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