IPA Week – Day One


I really like the Bridge Road Brewers’ single hop IPA series. Well, I like Bridge Road Brewers’ beers in general, but the hop series is more than a little intriguing. In fact the same goes for any hop series beers.
I like them because they offer you an education about hops. Many IPAs are made with more than one hop so, unless you’re a brewing expert, it can be a bit tricky to try and work out what flavours each hop is bringing to the party.

Which is where the single hop series comes in. These beers provide a showcase for the particular hop being used. Often what they can do (and I assume Ben from Bridge Road has done this) is use the same beer base across the series so you can compare the hop hi-jinks.

My favourite of the three in the series I’ve had would have to be the Galaxy single hop. That’s partly because I like Galaxy so much – so much in fact that, in my homebrewing it was an effort for me to make a beer with some other hop.

The other reason I like this beer best is because Ben has managed to get more of Galaxy’s fruity flavours out than I’ve noticed in other beers. So it becomes a quite juicy beer with undertones of pineyness. It’s an IPA I could drink all day.

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