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This photo is of the beer section of my “to read” book shelves. As it contains 11 books (not including the book Bad Science, which has snuck in there due to lack of space) it’d be safe to say I’ve fallen behind in my beer reading.

Given that I’m expecting the Book Depository to deliver three more beery books this week the situation is a little worse. But then, I’m not counting the beer books hiding away on my Kindle. There are another 13 there – as well as samples of three other books that I’ve yet to decide whether I want to buy.

There’s books about the history of a particular brewery or of beer itself. Books about how it goes with food. Books about how to categorise it and make it. Books about the business side of brewing, books about prohibition and books about deciding not to drink any more. There is even a book about the economics of beer.

So many books to read. So it’s about time I pulled my finger out and did some beer reading. Some of those books have been sitting on that shelf for about a year.

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    • I do homebrew and, from flicking through the book, I can see it would definitely increase my brewing knowledge. And give me the chance to try and brew something different.

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