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South Coast beer run


Today my wife took our daughter to a kids’ party for a few hours, so that left me with some time to kill. Not as much as I’d have liked because my wife is wont to give me jobs to do if she senses I have a few spare hours.

So after I vacuumed the house, brought the laundry in and put it away and then did some ironing, I had some time to kill. Some of which I spent by driving north to Coledale Cellars and Thirroul Cellars to see if they had any new beers. The result of that trip is pictured above sitting on our garage floor (the apparent slope in the pic isn’t because our garage leans to the left. It’s because I wasn’t holding the camera level and didn’t realise it until later. By that time the beer had bee put away and, frankly, I couldn’t be arsed getting them all back out for a new pic).

I reckon it’s a pretty good score – eight of those nine beers I’ve never had before. Well, at least I don’t think I’ve had that Negro Modelo before (the other was Temple’s Midnight IPA and, as beer geeks know, you don’t need an excuse to buy a Temple beer).

I think my favourite will be the Hacker-Pschorr. Firstly because it’s a hefe from Germany and I do love hefes quite a lot. Secondly, I think the name of the brewery is awesome. To me Hacker-Pschorr sounds like the name of the killer in some crappy German slasher flick. Especially if you say it in a bad German accent.

And I also picked up a six-pack of Mountain Goat Steam Beer because I hadn’t had that for ages and also because the beer cellar was starting to look a bit empty. Now it looks much healthier.

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