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Okay so here’s some good news – First Choice Liquor has opened up an outlet in North Wollongong.

Now, that might not be a big deal for those who live in Melbourne where even McDonald’s serves craft beer (note to the stupid: McDonald’s does not actually do this. I am merely exaggerating to make the point that good beer is easy to find in Melbourne. It might not even be a big deal up the road in Sydney where good beer bars and bottle shops are growing.
But it is a big deal in my neck of the woods, where there are only two, maybe three, good bottle shops. And it’s a big deal for me because, up until now, the only First Choice Liquor store was in Shellharbour – a half-hour drive away.

See, First Choice stocks some stuff that no-one else in Wollongong has. For instance, it’s the only place you can buy a bottle of Prickly Moses, or anything from Hawthorn Brewing. As you can see from the above photo, they also stock Feral White – another beer I’ve not seen anywhere else in town (well, not since Feral took back the brewing of the beer and started making it themselves).

I visited there on the opening day (yeah, I was stupidly keen) and they even had the new Little Creatures Single Batch Mr Obadiah. I’ve not seen that anywhere else in town. Not even in Dan Murphy’s.

I also picked up some double-fermented pilsner thing called Cobra King – which sounds like it’s an Indian beer but is actually from Britain (and owned by Molson Coors) – and some Old Time Lager brewed in Melbourne. Again, both are beers I’ve not sighted in Wollongong before.

Given that the outlet is along one of two routes I take home from work, I can totally see myself stopping in quite regularly to see if there’s anything new. Much like I already do with the Dan Murphy’s near home.

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  1. At one point my French partner came returning from the Jack in the Box order counter to where I was sitting, telling me that they serve local beer and he ordered one.
    First time he had ever heard of root beer.
    They serve beer in McDonalds internationally, just not in America- yet. ^.^ Lucky you though, that you get bottle shops worth a pass by while we get shit beer everywhere possible. I’ll trade you!


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