Soft drink on Untappd?


A few weeks ago, I was taking my daughter to the park after picking her up from school. On the way there we stopped in at a shop, she could get a pack of chips and I could get a drink.

I chose a bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer. While I was sipping from it in the park, two thoughts crossed my mind. Firstly, I thought it wasn’t a great look to be in a park at 3pm drinking from what looked very much like a beer bottle. I probably looked like an alkie to some people.

The other thought was “I wonder if I could check this into Untappd?”. I think it was the fact the word “beer” featured on the label. So, while my daughter played on the swings, I pulled out my phone and logged into Untappd. Lo and behold, it was there – along with what seemed like every other non-alcoholic product Bundaberg makes. Including their creaming soda – yeah you could check a soft drink in to Untappd and get a unique check-in.

I did check in the ginger beer because, even though it’s not alcoholic, it’s a brewed drink, which I think makes it okay. But it got me to thinking whether some things should be allowed on Untappd. Take cider for instance, I’ve checked in one or two in my time, but always felt a little dirty about it. Ultimately, I don’t think they belong – alcoholic or otherwise. I’ve also checked in water (listed as H2O) as a unique check-in, whic I justified because I was drinking water to avoid a hangover. So it was beer-related.

So do you think there are any other beverages that you think shouldn’t be on Untappd? Perhaps those hard iced tea things shouldn’t be there either. And what would be the lamest Untappd check-in you’ve made?

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  1. Personally, I believe that it’s not worth analysing Untappd that much.

    It’s a app, it’s a game, it’s a PR/marketing tool.

    Anything more and I think you risk some level of addiction or unnecessary vain. I mean, what’s really your motivation in wanting a unique check-in even for the sake of ginger beer? (says I, to myself in self analysis)

    Use Untappd how you want to use it.

    I use it as a historical log of that beers that I have drunk. For me, it’s a beer only thing. I don’t check in any cider, non-alcoholic drinks or homebrew.

    If you like to check in everything you can for your own fun, then go for it. But what everyone else does, should be up to them.

  2. I think cider on untappd is fine as there is a badge for it! I felt a little weird checking in an alcoholic ginger beer but the lamest I’ve made was checking in my own homebrew!

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