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Don’t mind the mango beer


Over the last year or so I’ve read blogs, reviews and tweets from people deriding this mango beer from Matso’s up in Broome (one of the many places us city folk like to call “the bush”). I’ve been one of the people deriding this beer. Think I might have stopped a whisker from calling it lolly water.

But now I’m changing my tune. I picked this beer up from a bottle shop in the Hunter Valley that promised a “cave of craft beer” on a blackboard outside their establishment. Canny marketing that; what beer geek could resist a whole cave of craft beer? Sadly it wasn’t an actual cave but rather an alcove with beers from around the world – and “the bush”. The biggest score was a bottle of Worthington’s White Shield IPA, a beer I’ve not seen anywhere in Australia before.

Even though I’d tried the Mango Beer before, something forced my hand and made me buy it again. And I’m glad I did because, this time around, I found the fruity mango flavour quite refreshing. I don’t know if it’s real mango or some sort of extract but, if it’s the latter then it tastes very much like the former.

The mango flavour isn’t overpowering like an alcopop and it does seem to work well with the underpinning of malt. So it’s a genuine beer and not some fakey soft drink and I’m sure it’s a beer that goes down a treat in the warm climes of Broome.

It is entirely possible that the timing of me trying the Mango Bee contributed to my enjoyment of it. I had it after a few other beers, so maybe the difference in flavours woke up my taste buds a bit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – I’ve always accepted that the situation in which you try a beer can influence your enjoyment of them.

And this time, I enjoyed this Mango Beer.

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