Good Beer Week – a snapshot


I wasn’t going to post anything about Good Beer Week until I got back home. For two reasons – I’d be too busy drinking beer to write about it and my fat fingers and the tiny keyboard on my smartphone don’t get along.

But, for the second day in a row, I’ve been woken before 6am by trucks outside my hotel room window. So I have some time to kill. While more detailed posts will follow here’s a few quick impressions.

* The people I talk to on Twitter really do exist. It’s been great to meet some of the people I follow face to face – it’s really been a highlight of the trip. And now I feel I can call James, Dave, Darren and Dan by their real names rather than their Twitter handles.

* Good beer isn’t as easy to find in Melbourne. There are still heaps of bottle shops whose stock isn’t any better than my local Dan Murphy’s. But those good bottle shops and bars are very good.

* My beer holiday health plan is working. I’ve sampled more than 50 new beers in a day and a half and avoided crushing hangovers. That’s through eating regularly, carrying water or a sports drink everywhere and knowing when to draw the line.

*GABS is a lot of fun. You get to meet fellow beer geeks, have a few laughs and try lots of great beers. How could it be anything else other than fun?

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