Beer festival

Good Beer Week is Über-riffic


So I’d figured I had everything planned to a tee for my few days at Good Beer Week.

I’d even dedicated hours to working out the route I would take on my Pint of Origin day (explanation: part of Good Beer Week includes a week-long event involving seven pubs. Each of them devotes all their taps to beers from one state, allowing people to try beers they might not otherwise get the chance to).

I’d pored over the seven venues, their locations, their proximity to tram stops, used Google maps to see how far apart some of them were in case I could walk there. Finally (or at least I thought it was final) I checked the tap lists and made the big decisions.

The plan was to tram it to the Royston in Richmond first (with stops at Slowbeer and Purvis Beer too). Then back on the tram and to the hotel, drop off the beers I bought and then walk to the Gertrude and Rainbow for some Tasmanian and NSW beers. Lastly, if soberness allows, head back into town and visit Deja Vu for the Queensland beers.

I’d ruled out the Great Britain Hotel because it was just out of the way, the Tramway, because the tap list wasn’t intriguing enough and the Courthouse because they were doing ACT beers – my wife has family there so we visit regularly enough for me to have already tastes plenty of their beers. As for the Festival Hub at the Terminus Hotel, I really tried to fit that in but it was just too far north to make it work.

But then I heard about Über, the town car service that you use an app to order a car. Yep, I’m slow to hear about new things like this – much less understand how they work. Only this weekend did I work it all out and realise they were offering half-price fares to and from the festival hub and 25 per cent for Pint of Origin venues.

This, my friends, changed everything. It now meant all the venues were back on the table as viable options. And so I had to re-organise the whole day (which was actually fun. Remember, we are talking about arranging pub visits. How could it not be fun?).

The revised schedule stays the same for the first three pubs, with the change being that I aim to Über it to and from Richmond. I’ll still walk up to the Gertrude and Rainbow, because some fresh air between pubs sometimes helps.

But then Über gets a call to take me up to the Terminus and then back to Courthouse and finally Deja Vu (if I’ m feeling like I might be on the way to a hangover, I’ll skip the Courthouse). From there I’ll walk back to the hotel. Possibly via a kebab store.

But Über has changed my other plans as well – rather than tramming it up to East Brunswick and back, I’ll likely be Über-ing it.

Hell, I’m on holidays. Why not travel in style?

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    • I arrive the day before GABS starts. I figured Über would cost more than, say, a cab. But I’ll only have a day to get to as many Pint of Origin places as I can, so I figure that will make the extra expense worth it.

  1. Whilst on one hand I’m enjoying everything that you and others are writing about GBW, it is absolutely killing me on the other because I’m not going! Maybe next year I’ll get down to Melbourne…

  2. Just watch the peak hour traffic. Because the trams have their own lanes as such they can go alot quicker than heavy traffic. I found this coming back from the Alehouse, the tram was alot quicker along Lygon/Swanston streets at 5pm.

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