Friday drinks

Friday drinks – White Rabbit White Ale


The output (can you actually refer to just two beers as an output?) of Victoria’s White Rabbit seems to be on the receiving end of a bit of belittling in the beer community. They claim it’s not the same, that they’ve changed the recipe to reduce costs, that it’s not a real “craft beer” and that they’d never be caught dead drinking it.
Now I don’t know whether the multi-national company that owns White Rabbit told them to use cheap ingredients. Though I tend to doubt it – it’s not like the two White Rabbit beers – a white ale and a dark ale – have reached saturation point in the market. Because I’d think that’s when cutting back on the ingredients might have some genuine cost savings.

Besides that, this white ale still tastes good to me. Sure, it’s not as complex or with the depth of flavour of proper Belgian white ales, but jeez, it’s not supposed to. The White Rabbit beer are clearly entry-level beers, for those making that first step away from the mainstream stuff.

That’s obviously apparent by the note on the label not to worry about seeing any sediment in the bottle, because it’s supposed to be there. Only a person who had previously been drinking über-filtered lagers would need to have the idea of sediment explained to them.

For an entry-level beer it’s still quite decent. There are some simple coriander/orange notes when you give the beer a big whiff and those two items dominate the flavour as well. It’s all pretty basic, but that shouldn’t be a criticism. Beer geeks tend to forget what it was like for them starting out. See, I’d suggest that a mainstream beer drinker may well find White Rabbit White Ale quite exotic, and a little challenging. And that’s understandable, because it’s new to them.

It’s not new to me though. But I still like a White Rabbit every now and then.

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