Too fat for Melbourne


I’m fat. And it’s all beer’s fault.

No, that’s not right. It isn’t beer’s fault. It’s mine (though I’d like to point out that the photo with this blog isn’t my beer belly but one I found through Google. Mine isn’t that big). I’m the one who chose to drink more beer than he probably should and not exercise enough. I’m also the one who knew all that stuff about “beer isn’t fattening” or “there’s more calories in a schooner of milk than a schooner of beer” are rubbish but drank too much beer anyway.

Yes, beer is fattening. Like any other food or drink with calories, ingest too much of it and the excess gets stored as fat. As for the milk vs beer argument, that may well be true. But how many times are you going to drink four schooners of milk in one night? Or even one schooner for that matter.

So with the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular coming up at the end of the month, I decided to use my trip down there as an impetus to lose weight and reduce my beer intake (I was actually inspired by reading on Twitter about a similar endeavour by James from The Crafty Pint) And I figured blogging about it would act as an additional motivational tool – I told a heap of people I was doing this, so I’d better actually do this.

As of yesterday, I clocked in at 105kg, so the aim is to arrive in Melbourne weighing less than that. Ideally it’d be great to get down to double figures but I know from a former life as a triathlon-fit person that losing 5kg in a month just isn’t realistic. But getting below 105kg certainly is – all it takes is regular exercise and less beer.

The exercise thing shouldn’t be too hard. I already walk about five days a week; I just need to increase it to six and add some jogging in with the walking to up the calorie-burning. I’ll also aim to throw in some muscle-toning through alternating dumbbell exercises with sit-ups and push-ups during the week.

Then there’s the “less beer” thing. Again, shouldn’t be too hard – just requires a more serious effort to stay on the weekday wagon and only drink between Friday night and Sunday night. Even on those nights the idea is to pay attention to my intake and no go open slather (though, it should be stated that beer on a weekday is allowed if it’s a special occasion – like this Thursday’s pub crawl to mark the first ever Gong Craft Beer Week. I was involved in the creation of it so it would be remiss of me not to turn up).

I started all this yesterday and already noticed two things. Firstly, I’d forgotten quite how much I enjoy running – maybe not so much the exercise itself as the endorphin rush afterwards. You don’t get an endorphin rush from walking. Secondly, not having any beer last night meant I had a good night’s sleep because I wasn’t woken up in the middle of the night by a full bladder. Also, I tend to wake up at least once a night – but not last night. Which makes me wonder if alcohol consumption creates disrupted sleep patterns.

To keep myself honest, I’ll be posting weekly updates about how things are going. Feel free to skip them if you want; I know being reminded about the downside of drinking beer can be a bit of a buzz kill.

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  1. Exactly this has been on my mind for some time – ever since I tipped 100kg a few months ago. I…just…can’t…seem…to…drag…myself…away…from…the…beer!

    Good luck!

    • It can be hard to stay away from beer. I’ve made a few attempts to get back on the weekday wagon over the last few months but they’ve always failed. But the more you try, the more chance you have of success.
      I’m trying to find a balance between health and beer, so I can enjoy beer without feeling guilty about it.

  2. Congrats! It’s a tough move but a good one. I don’t preach about it but I do commend anyone that gives it a go.

    I started running last August after just getting tired of looking at my gut. I did the Couch to 5k program and thoroughly enjoyed it. I continued running and gradually worked my up to about 7k or so a couple of times a week. Winter weather here put a damper on that but I recently resumed and signed up for a 21k run in September.

    I still enjoy beer almost every night but I will certainly have to cut down gradually. It is tough but I just tell myself that it’s why I run. 😉


  3. Try dropping bread from your diet instead of losing the love of the beer 🙂 no point doubling up 😀 i’ve stopped having bread (excluding special occasions) & i restrict midweek drinking as well. holding at about 85kg. hoping to get to 78kg again

  4. Congrats! All it takes is the first inkling of motivation and you’re on your way. I hope you’re able to lose those few before the festival.

    As someone from from a past of intense exercise, I’m sure it’ll be just like riding a bike for you.

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