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Unique Week – Day Seven


Let’s finish Unique Week with something terrible from Quebec in Canada.

Or, more precisely, La Terrible from Unibroue. That brewery doesn’t import to Australia any more but I found a little cache of their beers in a Wollongong bottle shop and have been semi-regularly buying a bottle of Terrible here, a Fin Du Monde there or even a Maudite.

This beer I’d had for a good six months, holding onto it for no good reason (I certainly don’t consciously aim to age beers). Even when I was about to pop the cork to drink it for today’s post part of me thought “don’t do it”, which is dumb. I mean, what’s the point of having a beer you’re not going to drink.

So I drank it and in a word “wow!”. There is so much depth here for a beer described as just a “dark ale” on the front of the bottle. It pours black with a beige head and I get a distinct Belgian-style yeastiness in the aroma.

But it’s the flavour that makes up so much of the “wow!”. It starts out sweet and raisiny before switching to deep orange and port flavours in the middle and finishing up with the coffee flavours you expect in a dark beer. All of those flavours are very distinct – like you’re drinking three different beers in one.

Such a shame Unibroue doesn’t send their stuff here. I could do with some more of this now that my little cache has run dry.

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    • I think they may have been too. They changed hands about a month or so ago and the stock of Unibroue was sold before then.
      I’d bought a few before they closed up. And part of me does wish I’d kept my find a secret rather than sharing the good news around the Wollongong beer community. Would have meant more for me 😉

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