Unique Week

Unique Week – Day Six and Friday drinks


Today I’m doubling up because this Unique Week entry is also worthy of Friday drinks consideration.
It is The Pale Ale (yep, that’s what it says on the can. Not just a pale ale but The Pale Ale) from the Australian Brewery up at Rouse Hill in Sydney.

It’s a bit of a big deal in good beer circles because that place is canning their beer – something that only the big commercial brewers have done before. There’s nothing to worry about in terms of flavour with cans, it’s the same as bottles – in fact you could argue that it’s a bit better as a can offers much better protection from light strike than a bottle.

Still, drinking good beer that comes in a can does take a little getting used to. Partially because the can they’ve chosen really resembles those faddish energy drinks. I’ve also heard that bottle shops don’t like these cans because they don’t stack as easily as other beer cans. Which would appear to be true based on my efforts to stack the cans in the four-pack I bought.

Another thing about the cans – they hold more than you think. I looked at the cans and thought I was getting ripped off because they seemed like they’d fit in less beer than I’d get in a bottle. Then I read the volume on the can – 355ml. That’s actually about 25ml more than the standard 330ml bottle. D’oh!

It’s a good thing that you get a bit more because this is quite a nice beer. It pours an appealing pale colour and is a bit cloudy in the glass and a nice, fluffy head. Drinking the beer you get a very tasty tropical fruitiness you’d expect from something with Galaxy hops but counterbalancing that is some nice bitterness. Most pale ales I’ve had tend to lean more towards the bitterness or fruitiness end of the spectrum. To be honest, I can’t recall tasting many like this, where they strike a quite pleasing balance between the two.

This is the second Australian Brewery beer I’ve tried in a can – The Motherlode was their first. I’ve found both quite impressive, which means I’m going to have to visit their brewery at Rouse Hill sometime. As long as I can get someone else to drive.
Would I drink it again?: You betcha I would.

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