Unique Week

Unique Week – Day Four


Look at that bottle. It looks like it might be ceramic bottle, doesn’t it? I can tell you it feels like one too – cooler to the touch and with more heft to it than a plain old glass bottle.

But those sneaky Belgians have pulled a swifty here. It’s not a ceramic bottle at all but an ordinary glass one with some sort of plastic-like coating on it. It felt like a bit of a con. And it made me a little less wary of a beer with the frightening name of La Guillotine – with a name like that it implies that this beef will take your head clean off.

Which it doesn’t do but, with it’s 8.5 per cent alcohol it does give it a red-hot go. From Belgium’s Huye Brewery, this is a triple fermented ale, which means there are quite a few floaties in the glass (not to worry – yeast is good for you). It pours a deep golden colour and, with all those floaties, it kind of reminded me of the inside of a snowdome.

The flavours are an enjoyable mix of apricot, bubblegum and orange, and that “take your head off” alcohol percentage it’s actually pretty subtle. Rather than lopping it off at the start, it sneaks up behind you and hits you in the head when you don’t expect it.

Would I drink it again?: Yes I would. Even with the faux ceramic bottle.

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