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Friday drinks – Temple Bicycle Beer


Most Temple beers can be hard to recommend for Friday drinks. Not because of their quality – on that score I’d happily recommend any of them.
No, the issue is their availability, given that the concept of Friday drinks is to recommend a beer that someone in my home town of Wollongong can find locally. This Bicycle Beer is the only Temple beer I’ve seen stocked in Wollongong – at Thirroul Cellars. If you go there and it’s not in the fridge, ask them to get it in. That’s a win for Temple, obviously, but also for Thirroul Cellars, as it encourages them to keep stocking good beer (and there is enough good beer here that you could pick up a six-pack of something else while waiting for the Bicycle Beer to come in).

The Bicycle Beer is a very refreshing lemon citrusy beer, with the interesting addition of salt. Yep, salt sourced from an ancient sea bed up in the Grampians. You might think salt is a bad ingredient in a beer and, generally speaking, I’d agree with you. But it works here as an interesting counterpoint to the citrus flavours.

Why did they add salt to the beer? Maybe so that it can act as both a refreshing beer and an electrolyte replacement for those cyclists the beer is named for.

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  1. It’s one of the few neo ‘radler’ styled beers that hasn’t just tasted like a squeeze of cordial put in them.
    Subtle notes. And I actually stepped off my bicycle when I cracked it open, so it was true to form.

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