Friday drinks

Friday drinks – Schofferhofer hefeweizen


If I had to nominate a favourite style of beer, it’d be the hefeweizen. It’s a beer of German origin – as is probably obvious by its name, which translates into “yeast wheat”. That name is in part derived from the fact that the beers use a heap of wheat (German law says hefeweizens need to have at least 50 per cent wheat.)

The hefe is a wonderfully tasty and refreshing beer that often throws delicious lolly banana flavours. But isn’t sweet like those lolly bananas. It’s also a style I shied away from for a while. I remember my brother drinking this beer with the odd-looking German label. I was scared off them because, in my head, I’d somehow figured that a German beer would be dark and heavy.

That beer he was drinking is this one – the Schofferhofer hefeweizen, brewed in Germany and available at your local Uncle Dan’s. And I’m glad I got past that stupid stereotype because this is one of my favourite beers. Like most hefes, it has a thick creamy head (they make tall thin glasses especially for drinking a hefe, to accommodate that head) and throws those lovely banana aromas and flavours in abundance. But lurking underneath that banana is the other defining hefe characteristic – the flavour of cloves.

As a bonus, this beer comes in a 500ml bottle so, unless you drink out of pint glasses, you can fill your glass up, drain it and still have a bit more left in the bottle.

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  1. going to be a beer nerd here but it needs to be malted wheat, unmalted wheat is not allowed in German beer purity laws bla bla bla unmalted wheat otherwise known as wheat is however used in witt’s

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