GABS brewer – Temple Brewing

Ron Feruglio from Temple Brewing is bringing an amped-up version of one of their regular beers to GABS.

What beer are you making for GABS?
A version of our Scarlet Sour (Berliner Weisse with cranberries and hibiscus flowers) that has been re-fermented with oak and Lambic bacteria.temple

Does it have a name yet?
Scarlet Super

Where did the inspiration come from?
A desire to showcase the Scarlet Sour with a higher level of sourness and the complexity that can only come from the combination of bacteria and wild yeast that characterise Lambic style beer.

How much effort goes into designing a beer for GABS?
A shitload.

Does GABS give you the chance to go a bit crazy and try something you might not normally brew?
Scarlet Sour was brewed as a gateway beer to the world of sours. Brewing this beer for GABS has given us the opportunity to push the boundaries and test reactions to our upcoming plans for developing a portfolio of sour beers in the years to come.

Does the spectapular bring out a competitive streak?
The competitive streak is always there – every beer we make is brewed to be as perfect as we can make it. The SpecTAPular is just a chance to share this with the public and fellow brewers in a forum that expects and embraces innovation.

Explanation for the unaware: GABS is Great Australasian Beer Spectapular, a beer festival in Melbourne, Australia, from May 24-26 this year where brewers make a beer they’ve never made before and bring it along so the punters can try it. Cool, huh?

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