Friday drinks

Friday drinks – Gage Roads The Convict


I chose this one because it’s not likely to be around for much longer. It’s the first proper limited release from the self-described Fussy Bastards at Western Australia’s Gage Roads brewery. Made with a stack of Australian malts and hops it was released around Australia Day – hence the home-grown ingredients and the beer’s name.

Those Fussy Bastards have their second release coming for Easter – a Belgian chocolate dubbed. So you’d assume The Convict will start disappearing from shelves soon, so you should grab one before then.

I first had a bottle around Australia Day and found the 7.2 per cent alcohol to be nicely hidden. But in the second bottle I’d bought in January – and which I cracked open on the weekend – the alcohol was quite apparent. Which isn’t to say it’s overpowering, just that a few months on the beer has developed. As well as that alcohol, there’s also a pronounced dark toffee flavour I’d not noticed first time around.

You ask me, this is a beer crying to be drunk while eating some nice, strong cheeses. Yeah, cheeses, didn’t you know beer goes better with cheese than wine does?

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