GABS brewer – 4 Hearts Brewing

Wade Curtis from 4 Hearts Brewing in Ipswich is keen to represent Queensland at GABS in Melbourne.

What beer are you making for GABS?
We are brewing a 3 per cent to 3.5 per cent IPA, still finalising the recipe though.

Does it have a name yet?
It has a working title but I’m not sure I’ll let that cat out of the bag just yet.4_hearts_logo

Where did the inspiration come from?
When we were ranked the number 1 Queensland beer in the Local Taphouse’s Hot 100 for 2013 I thought that Queensland needed more representation in a lot of the craft beer activities outside South East Queensland. The inspiration for this beer comes from Queensland’s biggest selling beer but we will be giving it the royal craft beer treatment. A lot of people still think Queensland’s a craft beer desert but that’s seriously changed. We have new breweries and new bars up here opening and even in my home town of Ipswich we have a number of good bars and a big homebrew community. Also at last years’s GABS there was only 1 brewer from Queensland was was disappointing, this year I think we have at least four.

How much effort goes into designing a beer for GABS?
There’s a bit of effort that goes in but the hardest part is trying to work out what the angle is going to be for the beer. Once you have that sorted the rest kind of follows.

Does GABS give you the chance to go a bit crazy and try something you might not normally brew?
I brew at Bacchus Brewing which can brew very small batches so I can do crazy stuff all the time if I wanted to. For me GABS is more about getting our name out there and telling people that we have a good craft beer community in Queensland.

Does the spectapular bring out a competitive streak?
I always want people to enjoy our beer. When you are a small brewer is quite personal, so as long as everyone doesn’t hate our beer I will be happy.

Explanation for the unaware: GABS is Great Australasian Beer Spectapular, a beer festival in Melbourne, Australia, from May 24-26 this year where brewers make a beer they’ve never made before and bring it along so the punters can try it. Cool, huh?

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