Friday drinks

Friday drinks – Burleigh Brewing 28 Pale

28paleI’ve long been of the belief that timing can be so much a part of enjoying a beer. The time of day, location and your mood can affect and even amplify your enjoyment of a beer.

That’s what happened to me with Burleigh Brewing’s 28 Pale. A few years ago my family went on a weekend away on the NSW Far South Coast.

After stopping in at Mogo Zoo for the amusement of our then-three-year-old, we visited the Mogo Village Cellars for some beer. In the fridge I spied the 28 Pale, which was a beer I’d never seen before. So I bought it and we headed a little further south to our destination for that night – a lakeside caravan park in Narooma.

When we pulled up to our cabin our daughter remained asleep in the back seat and, as any parent knows, when your kid’s asleep it’s great because you get some peace. So my wife went inside, found a bottle opener and we sat on the grass in the shade near the car and sipped the 28 Pales while our daughter slept nearby.

It was quite a relaxing way to pass a half-hour. And it’s a very pleasant memory that is indelibly associated with the Burleigh Brewing beer in my mind. But I’d not had it since, perhaps because I didn’t want to find out that, away from that location, it’s not so good.

Well I did try it – and it’s still good. It comes with some nice toffee aromas and gentle toffee hop flavours. The flavour is definitely there but never gets in the way of things, never tries to dominate proceedings. That’s why I think it went down so well on that sunny Narooma afternoon. Had I been drinking something that took a bit more work, like a strong IPA for instance, it wouldn’t have fitted with the relaxed vibe.

It’s a straightforward, uncomplicated beer. And there’s nothing wrong with that. At times it’s absolutely perfect. So go try it some time.

Note from the grammar pedant in me: Yes, it does bother me that there is no apostrophe ahead of the ‘‘70’’ in the label blurb ‘‘70s style’’. I assume the number is meant to represent the 1970s (in which case it should have been written ’70s) but the absence of the apostrophe means its referring to the style someone in their 70s. Which they may well have been – but I doubt it. Yeah, quibbling over an apostrophe is a minor detail but I’m a journo. These things stand out for me. But, apostrophe or not, this is still a fine beer.

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