GABS brewer – Moon Dog

Josh Uljans from Moon Dog is working on a GABS beer with a brewing legend.
What beer are you making for GABS?moon
We’re really excited to be brewing a beer with the great Kjetil from Nogne O. At this point we’re still throwing around ideas, but it’s heading in the direction of a big, dark, cherry-ish, vinous, wheaty beer.

Does it have a name yet?
No name yet, but it’ll be brewed under the very witty portmanteau: Dogne O.

Where did the inspiration come from?
I have absolutely no idea.

How much effort goes into designing a beer for GABS?
Plenty of effort – just as much as any beer that we would release for anything else. It’s awesome to be working through the process with Kjetil. Emails are flying back and forth with different ideas. It’ll be pretty rad.

Does GABS give you the chance to go a bit crazy and try something you might not normally brew?
Not so much. This kind of more experimental, boundary-pushing beer is generally what we do at Moon Dog. But it’s still incredibly fun. We’re looking forward to trying all the awesome new beers from around Australia, NZ and the international breweries.

Does the Spectapular bring out a competitive streak?
Nah not at all. Everyone will be there to have fun, try fantastic unique beers and have a good time. Can’t wait!

Explanation for the unaware: GABS is Great Australasian Beer Spectapular, a beer festival in Melbourne, Australia, from May 24-26 this year where brewers make a beer they’ve never made before and bring it along so the punters can try it. Cool, huh?

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