Good beer people and banana smoothies


Yep, that’s right. The label says “Banana Smoothie Beer” – and it’s a goooooooood beer.

Beer people are good people.

Just take the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular Q&As I started running this week. I contacted a lot of breweries via email and asked them if they wanted to answer a Q&A for my blog. Sure, I knew some of them already through my newspaper beer column but others had likely never heard of me before.

Most of them didn’t see my email, say to themselves, ‘‘jeez, some dick with a blog wants me to answer some questions for him’’ and then delete it (which, to be honest, is what I would have probably done if I were in their shoes. Does that make them better people than me. Yep, more than likely).

Instead, brewers around the country and the world took time out of their busy lives spent running a business to type out some answers to questions sent to them by this dick with a blog. And those answers were generally well-thought out and well-written too. Which was so incredibly gracious of them.

Then there’s the fans of good beer. Whether via social media or in person, so many are willing to go out of their way to help a fellow beer fan – which is something that impresses me.

Another example of good beer people is Keith up at the Hunter Beer Company. I sent a message to him on Twitter mentioning my plans to stay up there in the next couple of weeks and asked if there would be any of their awesome-sounding Banana Smoothie Beer still around by then.

At first he said he’d put one aside for my visit, which I thought was very nice of him. Next day, he got back in touch and said I really needed to drink that beer when it was young and fresh, so he decided to send it down to me instead.
And so two days later a 750ml bottle of Banana Smoothie Beer was in my very grateful hands. And a day after that it was in my equally grateful stomach. Brewer Jess Wolfgang created the beer using a hefeweizen as the base – which is a great place to start as the hefe is one of my favourite beer styles. And this is a really nice hefe style – it has those utterly lovely banana-lolly flavours I love so much.

To that she added toasted coconut and honey to make it a little bit more ‘‘banana smoothie-like’’. I got some coconut aroma off the beer and that honey adds a bit of smoothness to the back end when you’re drinking it.

It’s a great beer and has made me very, very keen to try the other Hunter Beer Company beers soon.

Would I drink it again?: Most definitely. Without question. If I’m in luck, it’ll be on tap when I stop in for a visit.

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  1. Nice. It amazes me sometimes how willing some brewers are to deal with us dicks (some, like Keith, go above and beyond just dealing with us). It’s pretty cool how often they are willing to answer our questions for our silly little blogs…except for those lazy Cistercian monks that never answered my Orval questions. Like they are busy or something…pssh.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean…one of these days I’m going to ask a few brewers in person how important beer bloggers are to them in terms of exposure.
      Previously, I’d have assumed that the answer might be “not very” but my experiences since starting my beer blog now lead me to conclude otherwise.

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