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Beer moratorium over


Okay, so February being the month of no new beer purchases is officially over.
I’m so weak – my resolve barely lasted two weeks. In fact it crumbled at the first sign of beery temptation.
See, my wife and I happened to be down south checking out floor coverings (exciting stuff, I know) over the weekend when I suggested heading over to check out Shellharbour Square, which I’d not seen since it had been considerably expanded.
And guess what? It’s still a shopping centre. Not sure what I expected it to be. But anyway.
We were pulling out of the car park, when I spied a First Choice Liquor outlet. Because I find it hard to pass by a bottle shop without looking inside and because I’d never been in a First Choice outlet before, we went and had a look. And the temptation proved to be spotting some Prickly Moses ale and two beers from the Hawthorn Brewing Company – an amber and a pale. Now, this was the first time I’d seen either of those brands anywhere in the Illawarra and, given that I didn’t know when I’d next be down this way, I went and bought them.
Along with a few other bibs and bobs including a bottle of cleanskin beer. Yep, they’ve been doing it with wine for ages and someone – some Koreans, apparently, – decided to make cleanskin beer. The guy behind the counter said people who had been drinking Crown Lager have switched to this because it’s tastes the same and it’s cheaper. Weird, they could have done the same thing with VB.
So my February beer moratorium is officially over – after about two weeks.

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  1. I really thought that you would make it for the whole month without buying new beer. You seemed to have a lot of beers hidden away in your fridge. But it is always the ‘see new beer, must buy new beer’ that will get you in the end. I suffer from this too. I may have a load of beer at home, but that new one looks so good and tasty and I may not see it again, I must buy it. I hope ‘the beers that broke the moratoriums back’ (sorry badly converted saying) are good ones. Cheers.

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