Beer festival

Take one every day….

On Friday I made my 365th unique check-in to Untappd since joining in April last year.

So that means I’ve effectively pulled off the equivalent of the Beer Year.
Purists will say I’ve done no such thing as a Beer Year is meant to start on January 1, not April 29. And it’s also meant to involve drinking one different beer every day for 365 days, not shenanigans like going to the Trainworks beer festival at Thirlmere and logging in about 15 beers in an afternoon.

This is what I've done no fewer than 365 times since April last year.

This is what I’ve done no fewer than 365 times since April last year.

Well, yeah, according to those rules I haven’t done a Beer Year at all. But I say yes I have, because those rules are all kinds of stupid. Having to wait until January 1 to start the count would mean that all the beers I drank before then would have to be drunk again to go towards the Beer Year. That’s an inefficient use of beer-drinking time – I want to be trying new beers, not re-drinking a lot of old ones (it’s like re-reading books. There are so many new ones out there, why read an old one again?).

But also, that ‘‘one beer, and one beer only’’ rule simply sucks every skerrick of fun right out of the proceedings. Okay, not every single skerrick – because you’re still drinking beer and that is fun – but pretty much most of the skerricks would have been sucked out by this.

Because that rule means that, should you go to a beer festival or a good beer pub, or a brewery, only one of those beers you drink counts towards your list. Now a decent good beer pub may have at least three or four new beers. But to get all four on your list, you’d have to go back four times, which might be fine for you whipper-snappers with all your youth, freedom and disposable income. But when you’ve got the trifecta of wife, kid, mortgage, that just ain’t going to happen.

Either way, heading back to the same place over and over just to check something in is a bit too much work. Makes more sense to me to try as many of the new beers as you can and check ’em all in together.

Beer’s supposed to be fun. Setting all sorts of crazy Beer Year rules just makes it feel like work.
So I’ve done a Beer Year – and that’s the end of it. Okay?

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