A Cosmic Australia Day


So I spent a fair whack of my Australia Day at work. From 3pm to 11pm I was working. The first half of that shift involved walking around the Oz Day celebrations at Belmore Basin taking notes and asking people how their day was going. Then I had to find a shady spot, pull out the laptop I’d been carrying around and bash out a lot of words to describe the day for our internet readers.

The second half of that shift saw me back in the office, writing two more Oz Day stories and then posting a stack of pics and some video of the 9pm fireworks to our website.

As a journo I’m used to working public holidays and have done it so long that it doesn’t bother me. Except when I have to go out and report on other people enjoying themselves on that public holiday. That’s somewhat unfun in my book.

But at least I had something new waiting for me in the fridge at home after my shift finished. That something was a growler of Cosmic Highway from HopDog. See, taking into account I was working today my wife and daughter headed to Sydney for Oz Day. So after they left I availed myself of the chance to slip down south to Nowra for some HopDog beer. I don’t get down there too often because it’s so damned far away – nearly 90 minutes drive (it would take less time if some morons didn’t treat the speed limit as something to stay at least 15km under at all times).


The Hopdog review wall. Also known as my wall.

But I wanted to go down this time because brewer Tim Thomas does a bit of growler-only stuff and I’ve managed to miss a few of them. But I didn’t want to miss a chance of getting some Cosmic Highway, which is an American pale ale (and therefore would have gone down quite well in today’s heat – had I not been working). It also gave me the chance to chat with Tim and uber HopDog fan Matt (who has graciously dropped off a few beery things to me on his way home from working in Sydney). And it gave me a chance to finally get a picture of the HopDog beer reviews that have been stuck on the wall of the brewery.

I needed a pic just because Tim refers to as my wall, because more than half of the reviews have been written by me for the local paper. I never realise just how many of his beers I’ve reviewed until I check out that wall.

Which brings me to another review, this time of the Cosmic Highway. Which I can’t really do, because the beer is short of carbonation. That is, I suspect, due to something wrong with the cap of my growler (which I will stress wasn’t supplied by HopDog but was one I brought with me). But still, there’s enough bitterness, melded with a bit of sweetness to make me think this would be quite a decent beer if tasted under better conditions.
And so I think it’s best I retire the growler with the bung lid. Once I drink all the beer inside it, of course. If I shake it up, I reckon I might be able to get a few bubbles happening.

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