Double IPA is the bomb


One of the many niches in the world of beer is the stupidly-hopped beer. That’s where the brewer decides that the best thing to do is ladle in so many hops that anyone who drinks it will find that their taste buds don’t work for the next three days.
I’ve had a few of them – Mikkeller’s 1000ibu and Green Flash’s very accurately named Palate Wrecker – and they always strike me as novelty beers. The sort of beer you drink for the experience and never ever plan to go back to it again. Nor do I really understand the appeal of insanely bitter beers that ruin your palate for anything that comes afterwards. Part of the appeal of drinking good beer is enjoying the flavours and a beer that demolishes your palate means you can’t detect flavours in that beer, or any others you were planning to drink afterwards.
Which brings me to HopDog’s C-Bomb, a beer whose label states it is not for those who “love a clear, crisp Dutch lager” or “lazy Sundays with your pampered poochy woo-woo”. Such people, the label recommends, should go buy a cider instead. Which, if you ask me, is the ultimate put-down in the world of good beer.
Hopped with lots of Columbus and Chinook hops (hence, I presume, the C in the name C-Bomb) I’d heard it called a palate wrecker of sorts, a bit of a challenging beer. But I was glad to find that it wasn’t that beer for me.
What the C-Bomb is, is a much more balanced beer than those other “armageddon for your taste buds” sort of beer. Sure, there’s no mistaking that there are lots of hops here – as evidenced by yhe lingering piney notes on the tongue – but they’re never overwhelming, never there just for the sake of blowing your head off with stupid amounts of hops. They’re there to create a tasty double IPA. And when you can make a beer with 150 IBU enjoyable to drink I reckon you’re doing the right thing. Just to make sure, I gave my wife a taste. She has an aversion to anything overly hopped, so I figured she’d take a sip and make a “that’s awful” face. But she didn’t do that with the C-Bomb. She thought it strong but was still able to note the underlying flavours (which she said were like old-fashionised boiled lollies – though we couldn’t work out if that meant bullseyes or humbugs).
Would I drink it again?: You betcha. While it’s not the best beer from HopDog – that honour goes to the excellent White Christmas – it’s definitely one of the top beers from the Nowra nano-brewery.

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  1. just remember that hops are related to marajuana, and therefore consumption of large quantities may impare your judgement and lead to addiction, leading to you needing more and more hops! sounds good hey?

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