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This is my first post since before Christmas – because I’ve been on holidays and having too much fun to sit down and write a blog entry.
I know some bloggers will interrupt their holiday to post something but not me. But I have been busy doing research: thr holiday took the family to Canberra and Newcastle and in both places my wife graciously allowed me to indulge my obsession with good beer.

There will likely be a post or two about that but right now lets start the new year rolling with a review of a beer from the mother lode that I brought home from Warner’s at the Bay (I use the word “mother lode” in its seldom used meaning of “17 different beers plus a growler” ( the growler was full of Doctor’s Orders’ Zephyr- and it was awesome. I want some more).

The beer in question is The Motherlode from The Australian Brewery. Now I’m certainly not the first and nor will I be the last to say ‘‘hey, the can makes it look like an energy drink’’. I only mention it here so you know I wasn’t oblivious to the fact The Motherlode looks more like Mother (one of those disgusting ‘‘energy drinks’’ (why do we talk about an excess of caffeine giving us ‘‘energy’’?)) than a beer.

Why did the brewers do this? Buggered if I know – maybe they got a discount on smaller cans. Also, why did the brewers spell it ‘‘motherlode’’ when the correct spelling is ‘‘mother lode’’? Buggered if I know. And my knowledge is likewise buggered when it comes to using the name ‘‘mother lode’’, given that it’s defined as ‘‘a rich source of something’’.

Now the space-deprived Motherlode isn’t a rich source of anything really. At 6 per cent it’s not high in alcohol, there aren’t truckloads of hops and there’s not a whopping heap of malt flavours either. It did have a big head but I suspect that’s more due to being in the boot of my car and driven all the way back from Newcastle.

While it’s not rich in anything, The Motherlode is a tasty ESB. There’s some choice toffee-caramel smells that come from the beer and the caramel is backed up in the taste as well. And it has a nice, soft mouthfeel that is quite welcoming too.

Would I drink it again?: Despite the inappropriate nature of the name, the misspelling and the odd-looking can, I quite liked this beer. It’s a good, solid ESB for me.

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  1. Dude, we could have put just another beer out in just another bottle with just another label where it would sit on a shelf getting old with all the other beers. Or we could hang our old man over the precipice and do something different in the hope that our friends in the beer world will shout with joy over the craziness of it.

    Or not.

    Neal Cameron

    • Fair enough….it certainly stood out in the fridge at Warner’s at the Bay where I bought it. Though I probably would have bought it if it was in a bottle because I’d been wanting to try something from The Australian for a while now. Been trying to get up to the brewery but it’s a bit of a hike from Wollongong. Maybe one day we’ll make it.

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