Signs of a beer nerd #32

Last night, for the first time in about a month or so, I headed to The Little Prince for a beer or two. That venue is one of only two (that I know of at least) in Wollongong that serves good craft beer. And part of its appeal is that it offers a chance keg-only brews. Whether through a bottle shop or mail order, it’s easy to get bottled beer but those brews that are never bottled and only ever available on tap…well there aren’t many chances to try them in Wollongong.
So I went there eager to try some beer I’d never had before. And I was disappointed to see the beers on tap – Little Creatures Pale Ale, 4 Pines Stout and Hoegaarden (they also had Hahn Super Dry, for those who hate their taste buds). Disappointed, not because they were bad beers – far from it, I actually enjoyed the keg-fresh Hoegaarden I bought. But because I’d tried all of them.
I figure that’s a sign of a beer nerd, that you always want to try a new, different beer and that it actually feels like a bit of a downer if you’re “forced” to drink some craft beer you’ve had before. No matter how good it is.

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