Cider overkill


I spotted this at Dan Murphy’s last weekend…a magnum of cider. That’s 1.5 litres of the stuff. In a single bottle.
While no great fan of cider in general, at least buying it in a four-pack means you can drink one bottle at a time and stop any time you want without wasting any.
But this magnum? Well, once you open it you’d most likely have to whack it all back in one go. Unless you’ve got one of those champagne stopper things at home. And I’m not too sure that the über-sweet cider market – which is largely teenage girls (least I reckon it is) – is going to have one of those things at home.
So they’ll have to whack it down in one go. So maybe, rather than going with my first thought that a magnum of cider is stupid, maybe these guys have figured out the perfect option for teenage girls.
A slightly better version of Passion Pop.

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