Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day 18


Country: New Zealand
Beer: Moa Methode
To be honest, I’m so glad the Olympics are over.
Glad because it now means I can be done with the Beer Olympics. It was way harder than I expected. For starters it meant I had to drink irredeemable beers like Cave Creek Chili Beer from Mexico. My God that stuff is f**king awful. So awful that it made me wish I’d gone with my first choice of drinking a Corona instead.
You know why I didn’t go with Corona? Because I hate Corona and thought that was an awful beer. Ironic, huh?
The Beer Olympics have also been a hassle because it required writing a post every day. I don’t know how those people who do their Beer Year website manage to post a blog entry every day for 365 days straight – do they not have a life beyond drinking beer and writing about it?
Perhaps not. Or maybe they’re more driven than me. Which is equally possible – I have a tendency to be exceptionally lazy.
Which is why you won’t be seeing me doing a beer year blog any time soon. I’ll write a blog about my reasoning soon. Maybe. if I can be arsed.
Anyway, the the beer that closes off the Beer Olympics is from New Zealand’s Moa, which classes itself as ‘‘Beer for Olympians’’ (whatever that’s all about). It’s called Moa Methode, which made me think it was going to taste like champagne – courtesy of a ‘‘methode champagnoise’’ mental connection.
Well, it does remind me a teensy bit of champagne. especially in terms of the tartness. There’s also a Belgian yeasty note for mine – which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in a pilsener but I reckon I can taste it so that’s good enough for me.
It’s a nice, dry and slighty citrussy beer. It’s also the first Moa beer I’ve ever had – but it makes me want to try a few others.
Would I drink it again?: You know what? I reckon I would. Just not during some stupid Beer Olympics thing. What a dopey idea that was.

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  1. As dopey an idea as it may have seemed, anyone who drinks and writes 18 days straight deserves respect in my books.

    You write “do they not have a life beyond drinking beer and writing about it?” To which I respond – is there life beyond drinking beer and writing about it? I suppose so, but it can be a little bleak 🙂

    So what was your Gold, Silver and Bronze beers then?

    • Hi Mark,
      I find the drinking part heaps of fun, the writing about it slightly less so. Partially because I’m pretty lazy, partially because taking notes while drinking beer feels a bit too much like work.
      So I guess there’s some backhanded admiration there that people can drink and write every day for 365 days. I’m a little envious of their work ethic – and that they seem to have more free time than me.

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