South Coast

Dubbel trouble

An Abbey Brune sighted in its native habitat of the Illawarra Brewery.

First up, I’ll apologise for the crappy ‘‘dubbel trouble’’ pun in the subject header. But when you’re talking about a dubbel, it’s a screamingly obvious pun to make. And, sometimes, I like screamingly obvious.
And it’s not exactly like this dubbel, a seasonal called Abbey Brune from the Illawarra Brewing Company, is in any way going to cause you trouble. Well, not unless you drink a whole lot of them, because it comes in at a largish 7.6 per cent.
Though I really don’t have any idea where the guys have hidden all that alcohol because I couldn’t really taste it. In that respect it’s a very cleverly-created beer – to make something that’s so high in alcohol and camouflage it pretty well is rather impressive.
That alcohol content is also the reason the Illawarra Brewery (where I sampled this one last weekend) is serving it in the glass you see above. Which remind me a bit of a small flower vase for some odd reason. But sending this over the bar in schooners would just be asking for trouble.
I didn’t get much in the way of aroma from the beer, which could be because I had a bit of a blocked nose. Could also be because I feel a bit self-conscious about sticking my nose deep into a beer glass while in public. The flavour is of stewed fruit and a bit of alcohol – but not as much as a 7.6 measurement would lead you to believe. There’s also a molassy flavour and maybe some candi sugar (though, to be honest I have little idea what candi sugar tastes like but assume it must be like the sweetness I taste here. Hey, it’s got the word ‘‘sugar’’ in the name, it’s got to be sweet, right?).
All-up it’s a Belgian-style that’s on the mild side, which is appropriate given that Australia has milder winters than Belgium.
Would I drink it again?: Actually, no. But that’s not because there’s anything wrong with the beer, but rather that I’m not the biggest fan of Belgian beers. It’s not the style I go for when I’m in the bottle shop or the pub. If I was living in Belgium I reckon I’d be drinking a lot of imported beers.

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