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Booty from Berry


Here’s the results of a visit to Justin Lill’s bottle shop down at  Berry. Would have only bought two or three but my wife (bless her) kept saying to me “do you want that one too, darl?”
Still, I had to stop at six because some of the beers have a bit of a mark-up. For instance Brewfist‘s Space Man IPA is about $10 there and I’ve seen it for $6 at Thirroul Village Cellars. Other beers at Thirroul were more expensive in Berry.
But there were also a stack of beers I’ve seen nowhere else on the South Coast. I’m talking about the likes of Holgate, Brooklyn Brewery, Green Flash, Racer 5 and others from Bear Republic as well as other offerings from around the world. So a beer geek like me will usually pay a few extra bucks for something that’s otherwise quite hard to find.

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