Sad times


This is an empty growler. One that once held, not one, but two litres of The Butcher porter from Rocks Brewing Co. That is sad because I love this porter so much. How much? THIS much (picture me with my hands held so far apart that shoulder dislocation threatens).
It’s like chocolate pudding in a glass but with alcohol. And probably some hops. It’s incredibly delicious. I’ve long been a fan of Holgate’s Temptress – as you should be too – but I rate The Butcher as better. In fact, you know that Critic’s Choice thing that gets published once a year that rates the best 100 beers in Australia? Well this beer deserves to be in it. In the top 10 at the very least.
The brewer Scott Morgan told me that he’s been tinkering with this porter for a while. Well, he’d better leave it alone now, because I reckon it’s perfect. Jeez it’s good.
Would I drink it again?: Yes, yes. A thousand times yes.

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