Bad name for a beer?

The worst-named beer I’d ever come across was Bitch lager.
It was an ‘‘extra strength premium lager’’ though how anything with such an odious name could call itself premium was (and still is) a mystery to me.

The awfully-named Bitch lager.

It was an astoundingly dumb decision to give your product a name that would likely alienate half your potential market. I can’t imagine many beer-drinking women rushing to the bottlo for a six-pack of something called Bitch.
I bought a six-pack once  and I actually felt slightly ashamed to be taking that beer to the counter. It was like I was buying a porn mag or something.
I was glad I didn’t like the taste of it because it meant I’d never again have to do that walk of shame to the counter with a sixer of Bitch in my hand.

The curious backwards writing on the label

I haven’t seen it in the beer fridges of any bottle shops in the last year. So I assume it’s died a thoroughly justifiable death.
For a short while I figured I’d found another beer to rival Bitch in the awful name stages. At Thirroul Village Cellars I picked up a bottle of InBraNata from Birra del Borgo in Italy. The entire label is written in Italian – some of it backwards, which made it the first beer I’d ever bought while having no clue about what was inside the bottle.
So I turned to Mr Google for help and after typing in the name, I found out it to ‘‘clumsy or useless woman’’.
How very tacky I thought. Until I noticed I’d searched for ‘‘iMbranata’’. D’oh! (which meant that Bitch’s ‘‘worst beer name’’ title is still okay) Typing in the correctly spelt word didn’t offer up another derogatory translation, in fact I have no idea what ‘Inbranata’’ means. Nor do I know why half of the label writing is backwards.
What I do know (thanks to Mr Google) is that the beer is a Belgian ale. And what I know from my tongue is that it’s a bit of a mild one. It’s slightly sweet and fruity with just the smidgiest smidge of an alcohol burn.
Would I drink it again?: I’d say no. Just because I’m not much of a fan of Belgian ales.

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  1. Born in Bra. I just bought 24 of these for $20 at Dans, for less than a dollar a beer I dont care what its called.

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