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The Session #72: How we love beer

The Session (aka Beer Blogging Friday) is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic.

This month’s session is hosted by Ryan Newhouse at Montana Beer Finder, who wants to know how we love beer. Not why, but how. So we say we love good beer but how do we show that?

Yesterday morning before work (I started at 12.30pm) I headed to a local bottle shop to check out their stocks. They’ve been getting an increasing amount of good stuff in, so I like to stick my head in every now and then.

And their selection had improved again. So I bought a six-pack of Coopers Celebration Ale, which was a limited release to mark their 150th anniversary last year but which they’ve since revised and made a part of their regular line-up because it was so popular – and a long neck of Racer 5 IPA.

For the overseas readers, this is Coopers Celebration Ale. I quite like it.

For the overseas readers, this is Coopers Celebration Ale. I quite like it.

Then, on my meal break in the evening, I ducked out to the local Aldi supermarket to check their beer selections (incidentally, the idea of being able to buy beer in a supermarket is an exciting new development in some states of Australia – including mine). I didn’t expect much but found a pale and a Belgian ale brewed by Hopper Whitman, which I believe is a US brewery.

That was a surprise to find an imported beer in Aldi, so I bought a sixer of each. Which took my beer-buying tally to 18 beers plus a long neck.

While I was buying these beers, sitting at home were at least three crates of my homebrew and an estimated two-and-a-bit cases worth of different beers (some store-bought, some sent as samples). By any reasonable measure, I didn’t need to buy three more sixers and a long neck. But I did anyway – because I hadn’t tried any of them before.

Which is how I show my love of beer – I can have stacks of it at home and will still want to pick up something new if I see it in a beer fridge or on a shelf. That’s why, when people ask me what my favourite beer is, I always answer ‘‘the next one’’.
I do have those beers I love but I’m honestly more interested in trying something new. Go to a restaurant and you can bet I’ll order the one beer on the list I haven’t tried before. Looking in a bottle shop fridge, I’ll dodge the beers I’ve already tried, looking for that new acquisition. When I head down to the Illawarra Brewery, where they make their own beers and also put other breweries on their swinging taps, I check those swinging taps to see if there’s someone new there.

And I guess this very blog you’re now on is evidence of my love for beer. I don’t make any money from it and only got the one box of beer samples out of it (thank you Temple Brewing) but it doesn’t stop me from investing the time to bash out a few hundred words on a beery topic.

Finally, the fact that I think about beer far too often than is healthy or natural is a sure indicator that I love beer.

But, in the end, good beer not a hard thing to love, is it?

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12 comments on “The Session #72: How we love beer

  1. koongara
    February 1, 2013

    so how many dedicated beer fridges/cuppboards?

    • beerisyourfriend
      February 1, 2013

      Just one fridge, which we keep unplugged so as not to chew up too much juice.That’s for the store-bought beer. Homebrew just sits in crates in the garage.

      • koongara
        February 1, 2013

        I think its about time you invested in some kegs & a keg fridge

      • beerisyourfriend
        February 1, 2013

        I like the idea of a keg because it saves all that bottle-washing. But I shy away from it because it would mean having a second fridge running all the time.

      • koongara
        February 1, 2013

        sometimes you need to suffer for your love of beer! oh and your life will be so much nicer with kegs!

  2. Bryan
    February 1, 2013

    I have one side of a guest-room closet dedicated to only holding my homebrew and some space in a pantry for my store-bought bottles. Then, I have forced my way into having the pack shelf of a fridge.

    The Missus is never too happy about all that space I dedicate to beer, but she doesn’t understand the problem.

    … and what a good problem to have!

    • beerisyourfriend
      February 1, 2013

      My space in the plugged-in fridge in the kitchen is limited to a six-pack case, which I refill as required, and then wherever else I can cram a beer in.
      Homebrew in the garage is not a problem as we’ve got other bits of crap in there so six or so crates doesn’t make much difference. And it helps that my wife likes to go in and grab a bottle from time to time.

  3. beerbecue
    February 4, 2013

    Imagine if we tried to show women how much we loved them by “diversifying”. Beer is pretty understanding.

    • beerisyourfriend
      February 4, 2013

      haha, very true… “hey honey, I love you so much that I’m going to sleep with lots of other women”.
      That wouldn’t go down too well.

  4. Ryan N.
    February 5, 2013

    Yep, I find it’s best not to think about the beer I have at home when shopping for new beer. ;-) Great post on this topic! I always seek out the new stuff first!

  5. James
    February 6, 2013

    Favourite beer… ‘‘the next one’’…yes!

    I totally agree with this sentiment. I do the same – forever buying beers, when I don’t need more beer, simply because there are more beers to try. I’m a victim of the beer nerd curse, too rarely returning to the great beers that I long to support and celebrate (often those regular session beers) and too often drinking bad beer…just because I love it and want to try every beer I find. Crazy but fun.


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